Porto Marie

The endless blue waters of Porto Marie.

Blue water, Snorkel hotspot, Sand, Pigs

  • Beach type Pebbles
  • Opening hours 09:30 - 18:30
  • Entrance fee Fl. 5.00

Quick info

Porto Marie feral pigs: Willy and Woody

Porto Mari has become famous not just for their gorgeous waters, but also their two feral pigs named Willy And Woody (yes, really).

Previously seen on other Caribbean island, these two feral pigs found their way to Porto Mari. They enjoy life and have become a serious tourist attraction, which even landed them their own Instagram account (yes, really).

What are the opening hours for Porto Marie?

Porto Marie is open every day from 09:30 – 18:30.


  • Swimming Pool No
  • Toilets Yes
  • Showers Free
  • Tanning beds Starting at Fl. 6.00
  • Food & Drinks Restaurant, Bar
  • How busy (1-5)
  • Shadow spots (1-5)
  • Snorkel spot (1-5)
  • Music genre None
  • Massages Yes
  • Manicure/pedicure Yes
  • Diving school Yes
  • Shops Clothes

Food & Drinks at Porto Marie

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